About Our Business
The facility has 13 single rooms with shared bathrooms and 2 double rooms with
private bathrooms. There are two common areas and a area for activities. The
dinning room is bright and meals are home made and served fresh.
About The Owners
Doug Hearn has been in the Assisted Living service since 2004. He is a certified administrator
by the State of Wisconsin and has been providing a caring, professional, and relaxed environment
for seniors. A new partnership  was formed October 2010 with  Gary Sedlacek , bringing business
expertise to our facility. He is active with  many business organisations in the surrounding
Doug and Gary work on gving all the comforts of a warm home for those needing assistance.
The Heartwarming House, LLC
Assisted Living Facility
Milton, Wisconsin

About Us
Single Bedroom with shared Bathroom
Double Bedroom with private bathroom
Front Common Area at The Heartwarming House
Dining / Activity Area at The Heartwarming House